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The Walking Dead 3.14 - Promos, Prediction, Spoilers

03/13/2013 12:24:35 AM

On The Walking Dead The Governor made Rick an offer: turn over Michonne, and The Prison and Woodbury can exist in peace with one another.  Then back at Woodbury he promptly begun to plan to slaughter Rick and his people if they do show up.  Rick seems to be considering the plan, but there is simply no way he is that stupid.  In the meantime, some details have emerged that indicate where things might be heading with a few hanging plot threads.  Possible spoilers ahead.
Was the loss of Tyreese a big deal for the people of Woodbury?  Not according this clip.  One of the comic version of The Walking Dead series 's most popular characters, Tyreese of the show was quickly run off by Rick.  His biggest threat, however, is information that he might provide—since he apparently can't shoot for shit.

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