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Survivor: Vanuatu Season 9 DVD Box Set

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Product Information
  • Region:Region Free
  • Genre:Reality-TV | Action/Adventure
  • Language: English
  • Format: Support both PAL & NTSC
  • Release date:2010-01-01
  • Season : 9
  • Discs: 4
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Condition: New
Cast and Crew
Plot Summary

The players were brought into the game at a native gathering, with the natives dividing the group into men and women. The men were clearly revered at the ceremony, suggesting they would have the advantage in the game. After the ceremony, the men were named the Lopevi tribe, and the women the Yasur tribe, and sent to find their camps in the dark. Lopevi lost the first challenge mainly due to Chris, however, the older men of the tribe conspired into an alliance and worked to vote off one of the younger men, Brook. This would continue through the next two tribal councils that Lopevi took part in. In Yasur, two factions began to emerge. An alliance of Julie, Mia, Lisa, and Eliza and an alliance led by Ami, who gathered Twila, Scout, and Leann fought over Dolly's vote. However, when she refused to commit to either faction, a concerned Eliza made a temporary jump to Ami's group to vote Dolly out. On Day 7, both tribes were informed that an individual immunity challenge would take place and both tribes, regardless who won, would vote a person out that night. John K won immunity, and he was sent to spend the afternoon with Yasur to determine which woman he would give the Immunity Talisman to for the women's Tribal Council. That afternoon, an argument broke out over the workload of the tribe between Mia and Twila. Concerned over Eliza's jump to the Ami's group at the last Tribal Council, Lisa voted with the older women to vote off Mia. The Yasur tribe continued their dominance over the tribal challenges by winning the next reward and immunity challenges, bringing the men's numbers down to 6...

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